Slongs is back with a new sound and this time also with a real live band. Completely ready to go into the festival summer!

Behind the name ‘Slongs’ lies the rap star Charissa Parassiadis from Antwerp. Slongs has Greek blood, but is Antwerps in heart and soul. In less than two years she has developed from a underground hip-hop queen to a public figure with her heart on her tongue.She had the Dutch summer hit with ‘Lacht Nor mij’ in 2013, followed by a MIA Award for ‘Beste Doorbraak’. Inspired by reggae, dancehall and hip-hop, in 2015 she released her debut album ‘Goeien Dag’ successfully with Sony Music, which was immediately good for gold. Since then she has become a household name in the Flemish media landscape and is known for playing festivals, clubs and halls to pieces with her exciting shows. She is currently working on a new album.




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Performance starts at 9 PM